Aluminium the most environment friendly metal ....    By Recycling, Metal is Reborn .....    The aluminium is 100% recyclable which means conservation of natural resources, good for the environment and good for the economy ....    Recycling one kilogram of aluminium can save up to 8 kilograms of bauxite, four kilograms of chemical products and 14 kilowatt hours of electricity ....    We may run out of wood but not Aluminium - Aluminium forms 7% of earth’s upper crust ....

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"This is to certify that we are procuring Alloy Ingots from Century NF Casting.

“CNFC Giving very good supply and support for a long time. Their timely service help us lot.
M/s Suzuki Power Train India Ltd



"This is to certify that M/S Century NF Casting is assosiated with us since 1986, supplying Zinc Alloy Ingots, during these years their business relationship has been strong bond and are part of Sandhar's family.

We continue our business relationship and wish Century NF Casting family to reach greater heights in all their endeavors."

M/s Sandhar Components, Manesar



"This is to certify that we are procuring Alloy Ingots from Century NF Casting.

"Century NF Casting offers excellent quality and prompt services at competitive prices".

" Very friendly service and on time delivery at our door step. Thanks to CNFC. "


M/s Alicon Castalloy Ltd


"If we keep our customers happy… they will keep us in business"


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