Aluminium the most environment friendly metal ....    By Recycling, Metal is Reborn .....    The aluminium is 100% recyclable which means conservation of natural resources, good for the environment and good for the economy ....    Recycling one kilogram of aluminium can save up to 8 kilograms of bauxite, four kilograms of chemical products and 14 kilowatt hours of electricity ....    We may run out of wood but not Aluminium - Aluminium forms 7% of earth’s upper crust ....

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Quality is always the top priority in CNFC Management philosophy.

The Company has complete facilities for testing Chemical/Metallurgical properties. Chemical composition is controlled with the help of latest Spectrometer.

Based on the concept of Total Quality Management, we are following strict quality standards in every stage of manufacturing process namely raw-material inspection, segregation of scrap, melting, casting and packing, based on S.Q.C. techniques.

We are well equipped with the most advanced analysing instrument like Spectrometer (both mobile and lab models), Image Analyser and Universal Testing Machine.

Every heat is checked intensely for not only its chemical composition but also for its grain size, dross content, gas content and physical strength.

In addition to the plant quality assurance job, our Q.A. department also provides after sales services to our customers. We offer free consulting and trouble shooting service to all our customers.

The unit maintains high quality of product and services. The quality control system followed by us for manufacturing alloy are as follows:-
Quality means doing things right… first time… every time…"

Quality Certificate

Quality Certificate
Incoming Material
  • Spectrometer Test for Chemical Composition
  • Visual Check
  • Cleaning & Segregation
  • Quality Audits
  • Control Plans
Inprocess Inspection
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Degassing & Fluxing
  • Chemical Composition Check
  • Microstructure Test
  • Vacuum M/C for Gas/Porosity Test
  • Oxide Film Removal
  • Process Audits
  • Control Plans
Degassing & Fluxing
Microstructure Test
Finished Goods
  • Every Ingot is marked our logo, & batch No. & Grade for identification
  • Each Batch test samples are retained generally for 30 (thirty) days and in case of special alloy, for 60 (sixty) days
  • Dock Audits
   Batch Test
The main Testing Equipment in our Q.C. Laboratory
  • Spectrolab Model M-8 - PMT Based
  • Spectro Junior - CCD Based
  • Mobile Spectrometer Model Spectro Port CCD
  • 2 Sets of Aluminium Degassing Equipment
  • Metalographical Microscope Equipped with Image Analyser
  • Universal Testing Machine

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