Aluminium the most environment friendly metal ....    By Recycling, Metal is Reborn .....    The aluminium is 100% recyclable which means conservation of natural resources, good for the environment and good for the economy ....    Recycling one kilogram of aluminium can save up to 8 kilograms of bauxite, four kilograms of chemical products and 14 kilowatt hours of electricity ....    We may run out of wood but not Aluminium - Aluminium forms 7% of earth’s upper crust ....

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A range of Reverberatory and Rotary Furnaces with automatic controls help produce a wide variety of Aluminium Alloys according to National & International standards like IS, BS, JIS, DIN & ASTM and also as per customer specification.

Strong Process Controls, Adequate computerization, utilization of SQC Techniques, Filteration, Automatic Degassing & Flux Injection System, Mini Porotec for Gas/Porosity Test and K-Mould inclusion Test ensure production of clean, fine grained and chemically correct alloys with uniformity distributed alloying elements.
Final Products of Aluminium Alloy Ingots:
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Aluminium Alloys Ingots & Packing Measurements

  Ingots Packing
Type A Type B
4.00 + 0.3kgs 5.5 + 0.5kgs
750kgs (approx)
602mm 602mm
94mm 97mm
38mm 52mm


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