Aluminium the most environment friendly metal ....    By Recycling, Metal is Reborn .....    The aluminium is 100% recyclable which means conservation of natural resources, good for the environment and good for the economy ....    Recycling one kilogram of aluminium can save up to 8 kilograms of bauxite, four kilograms of chemical products and 14 kilowatt hours of electricity ....    We may run out of wood but not Aluminium - Aluminium forms 7% of earth’s upper crust ....

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"CNFC" has installed annual capacity of nearly 68,000 M.T. of Aluminium alloys and 15,000 M.T. of Zinc alloys. The plant has latest fuel efficient furnaces.

"CNFC's" innovation and expansion have shown its ongoing commitment to provide quality metal and superior service with in-house facility to design and develop Tools & Dies.

The unit is able to honor our commitment to its customers with
  • High quality of products
  • Timely delivery of material
  • Competitive pricing
"CNFC" is a responsive and progressive organization - a dependable, efficient and quality-oriented business partner for aluminum and zinc consumers and sellers.

"CNFC" is geared toward making rapid decisions. Our staff of professional metal people provides continuity in our business relationships.

The Company is successfully marketing its products in the Automobile Industry for over 35 years. Over the years, the Company has developed a strong marketing network spread all over India having offices at Kolkata, Faridabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Kanpur. The Company has built a strong reputation for its products.
... for ecologically GREEN future
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